Power Electronics Micro Speed Multi Vector (1-600+HP)

Micro-speed Multi-Vector the MV series A.C. variable speed drives for “No Load Brake” style hoists and other equipment requiring fine control utilizing encorders – are the finest hoist control systems available. With Gang-Set® instant programming, all internal braking electronics (no expensive extra “modules” to purchase-resistors external), no external interface cards to fail, very robust hardware and software all make the MV drive the answer for you. Available now for new and retrofit hoists.

The MV series drives offer many extra and advanced features, including the exclusive PAGE SWAP™ feature: “The feature you will need later if not today!” Instead of one variable speed drive, you can have up to ten! When running, 9 additional drive parameter lists (PAGES) can be “swapped” in and out depending on your application requirements.

All Micro-Speed® MV drives now include Version 4.2 updates, including PAGE SWAP™ and Zip-Move™ programming features, and many more! The Micro-Speed® MV Version 4.2 is a direct replacement of all previous MV models (versions 4.1 and earlier).

Use the Micro-speed Multi-Vector MX for “Load Brake” style hoists” which have an internal mechanical load brake integrated inside the hoist. Special model versions of the MV drive are also available for hoists using conical rotor motors. These specialized drives have model numbers ending with the letters “CRH.”

Use the Micro-speed CX™, MX, Smart-Move® variable speed drives or the Smooth-Move® soft-start controls for the bridge, trolley, or other traverse motion applications in your system. Complete standard and custom control panels are available for your application.

Your solution for all your crane and hoist needs.