Power Electronics Micro-speed MX (1-600HP)

The Micro-Speed® MX series A.C. variable speed drives are expanded-capability (up to 600 HP), heavy-duty industrial VFDs with the highest current and temperature ratings in the industry. Built from the ground up with the demands of material handling in mind, they are perfect for Bridge Cranes, Trolleys, Monorails, and Hoists with external load brake or self-locking worm gear hoists. The MX™ series drives include the exclusive PAGE SWAP™ feature: “The feature you will need later if not today!” Instead of one variable speed drive, you can have up to ten! When running, 9 additional drive parameter lists (PAGES) can be “swapped” in and out depending on your application requirements.

MMX units are pre-programmed for traverse motions. The controlled ramp-to-stop deceleration will help save you time and money by virtually eliminating brake wear.

MMX-H models are pre-programmed for use in hoists or other coast-to-stop applications (only for use with hoists that have a mechanical load brake, or self-locking worm drive hoists).

All Micro-Speed® MX™ drives now include Version 4.2 updates, including PAGE SWAP™ and Zip-Move™ programming features, and many more! The Micro-Speed® MX™ Version 4.2 is a direct replacement of all previous MX™ models (versions 4.1 and earlier).

Use the Micro-speed® Multi-Vector MMV for “No Load Brake Hoists”.

Your solution for all your crane and hoist needs.