Spanco Ceiling-Mounted Workstation Bridge Cranes

Spanco Ceiling Mounted Workstation Bride Cranes provide unlimited lifting coverage without sacrificing floor space or obstructing work areas. Our Ceiling Mounted Workstation Bridge Cranes eliminate the need for steel supports, making them a cost effective and ergonomic material handling solution.

Spanco Ceiling-Mounted Workstation Bridge Cranes make the most of your existing building and production floor space. These systems:

  • Hang from existing roof beams or trusses.
  • Require no system support columns, no attachments to building columns, and no production floor space.
  • Allow you to readily expand runway lengths and the number of bridges, and add links to monorail crane systems.

Capacities: 250 to 4000 lbs
Bridge Lengths, overall: up to 40’
Runway Spans: up to 45’
Height — Floor-to-Trolley Clevis: determined by ceiling structure

Your solution for all your crane and hoist needs.