Spanco PF Series Gantry Crane

Spanco PF Series Gantry Cranes offer high capacity, high height, long span, and economical lifting solutions.

These strong, portal frame (PF) cranes can be ideal if:

  • Your building can’t support jib cranes or overhead cranes. PF Gantry Cranes are self-supporting and travel directly on the floor.
  • Your lifting volume is moderate and can’t justify more expensive, permanently installed cranes.
  • You need an economical, versatile lifting system to supplement your existing overhead cranes.
  • You rent your facility; these gantries can be relocated in the future.
  • Your plant has been “making do” with multiple forklifts. Coordinating too many lifts, especially on heavy or very long loads, is unsafe, inefficient, and time consuming.

Capacities: up to 15 tons
Height under I-beam, standard: up to 35’
Spans, standard: up to 40’
Spans, custom: up to 50’*

Your solution for all your crane and hoist needs.