Power Electronics Micro Speed CXR (1-40HP)

The Micro-speed CXR™ series A.C. variable speed drives are heavy-duty industrial VFDs with the highest current and temperature ratings in the industry. Built from the ground up with the demands of material handling in mind, they are perfect for Bridge Cranes, Trolleys and Monorails—or any other heavy duty application where precision motor speed control and safety is required.

CXR units are pre-programmed for traverse motions. The controlled ramp-to-stop deceleration will help save you time and money by virtually eliminating brake wear.

CXRH models are pre-programmed for use in hoists or other coast-to-stop applications (only for use with hoists that have a mechanical load brake, or self-locking worm drive hoists).

Both units will work with your existing controls (push buttons, consoles, radios, you name it!) with up to 7 isolated speed inputs—no extra input cards needed! The drives can also be programmed to allow for infinitely variable speed control with as few as two speed inputs.

All Micro-Speed® CXR™ drives now include Version 2.2 updates, featuring I2T motor thermal protection built into the drives. This removes the need to have separate motor overload relays in your control panel. Prior to Version 2.2, the Micro-Speed® CX series did not have model numbers ending with the letter “R”. However, the Micro-Speed® CXR™ Version 2.2 is a direct replacement of all previous CX models (versions 2.1 and earlier).

For traverse applications, Micro-Speed CXRP (1-5 HP) models are also available. This version of the CX series has a built-in 2-pole solid-state single-phase AC brake control board (for use with brakes up to the drive’s line voltage rating). This eliminates the need for a separate brake contactor on the travel motion. CXRP™ models are not for use in hoist applications.

For applications with smaller motors (up to 3 HP), the Micro-Speed Smart-Move series offers a smaller and more economical option. For applications with motors larger than 40 HP, and for more advanced programming options—including our exclusive Page-Swap™ feature, see our Micro-Speed MX series.

For hoist applications without mechanical load brakes, see the Micro-Speed Multi-Vector “No Load Brake Hoists” drives – the MV series.

Your solution for all your crane and hoist needs.