Power Electronics Micro-Speed Smart Move RP (0.5 – 3 HP)

The Micro-Speed® Smart-Move® “RP” series A.C. variable speed drives are your most cost-effective option for upgrading your motor speed controls (up to 3 HP). These miniaturized VFD’s are built with the high demands of crane/hoist systems in mind, but are perfect for any application where precision motor speed control and reliability is required. All 3-phase VAC’s available.

Universal Voltage Input models are available with 208-480VAC in the same unit – Why not stock a unit on each service truck to upgrade your customers? Universal VAC input makes it easy!

Smart-Move “RP” models have a built-in 2-pole solid-state single-phase AC brake control board (for use with brakes up to the drive’s line voltage rating). This eliminates the need for a separate brake contactor on the travel motion. RP™ models are designed for traverse motion applications only, and are not for use in hoist applications. Standard Smart-Move® models are available for both travel and hoist control—standard models have a relay brake output intended for use with a separate brake contactor. Click here for more information on the Standard Smart-Move® models.

All Micro-Speed® Smart-Move® drives now include Version 2.2 updates, including I2T motor thermal protection and Auxiliary Inputs. The I2T protection feature removes the need to have separate motor overload relays in your control panel. Prior to Version 2.2, the Smart-Move® MSM series did not have model numbers ending with the letter “R”. However, the Smart-Move® Version 2.2 is a direct replacement of previous Smart-Move® models (versions 2.1 and earlier).

Micro-Speed® Smart-Move® drives have 3 isolated speed inputs, and are rated for temperatures up to 50° C. If more inputs are needed, the Micro-Speed® CXR series allows for up to 5 speed inputs, as well as analog speed input. The CXR™ series must also be used for motor sizes above 3 HP, or for applications with temperatures up to 60° C.

Your solution for all your crane and hoist needs.