Power Electronics Smooth-Move 2 (4-8 AMPS)

Speed transitional A.C. soft start, reduced torque control.

Upgrade your standard 3-phase two-speed A.C. induction motors with smooth starting, smooth reversing, smooth low to high speed, and smooth high to low speed, all with NO TIMERS! Through the control of all 3 phases for reduced mechanical and motor stress, you can practically eliminate breakage and wear on drive trains, gearing, belts, etc. The Smooth-Move® 2 offers an easy and quick upgrade for new or existing 2-speed equipment.

Two-Speed A.C. soft starts can be an electronic replacement for resistor ballasts, timers, fluid couplings, inductors and other electrical and mechanical systems used to “cushion start” 3-phase induction motors. The Smooth-Move® 2 will even smooth out the previously rough transition between speeds! The controller can be used with single or multiple motors up to the total full load amperage rating of the model (see table below). Smooth reversing is accomplished with a reversing contactor.

The Smooth-Move 2 allows you to adjust the starting torque (ACCEL) of the motor, the transitional torque control between the two speeds (DECEL), as well as the length of the time to reach full motor torque/voltage (TIME). A unique patented system “senses” motor transitions, via the contactor coil control signals. Two-speed 2-winding motors or 2-speed consequent pole motors will operate smoothly in all transitions and speeds (see comparison graph of 2-speed motor characteristics with, and without the Smooth-Move® 2 installed).

ARC-ELIMINATION™ is an exclusive feature of the high-reliability Power Electronics® soft-start controls. This feature eliminates the destructive arcing on the make & break of power contactors. With the Smooth-Move® installed, the life of your contactors will be extended up to their mechanical limit, and IEC style contactors can now replace the more expensive NEMA style contactors in many applications. Additionally, the control will have very high reliability in tough applications. Only available from Power Electronics!

For single-speed A.C. motor soft-start control, view the Smooth-Move 1. For applications with higher full load amp requirements (up to 75 Amps), see the BT Series of soft-starts.

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